Sogoro Judo Club has been formed with three primary goals: (1) to train students to compete at the highest levels of international Kodokan Judo Competition, (2) to improve the community in which we live by offering moral leadership to our students and other youth and an alternative to juvenile delinquency, and (3) to sustain and foster the culture of Kodokan Judo in the community, the nation, and the world.

Competition: The sport and culture of Judo are practiced and promoted through competition. Competition provides the atmosphere and incentive for students to strive to be the best possible practitioners of Judo.

Community: Successful training in Judo requires discipline, hard work, coordination of the mind, body, and environment, and moral toughness. These precepts and principles are important in all aspects of life. Sogoro Judo Club is committed to teaching and instilling in its young students the values and principles of Kodokan Judo, so that they will be successful and productive leaders of tomorrow. Training for Judo is training for life. Through our association with the local schools and through the outreach of our students, we offer Judo to youth as an alternative to delinquency and moral weakness.

Culture: Kodokan Judo has developed in Japan over many centuries. Its principles involves time-honored traditions that require respect and personal dedication. Because we believe excellence in judo can be achieved only through an understanding of and immersion in these time-honored traditions, Sogoro Judo Club is dedicated to emphasizing the culture of Judo.